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Site was last updated on February 28, 2016
PM Services Save $$
Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance keeps transmission systems in peak condition.  Properly tuned transmitters and RF systems can improve coverage and reduce operating costs.  We often correct looming issues before they take you off the air .  more »
Need a DTV Proof ?
If you have installed a new exciter, changed a filter, or made other changes that can alter system emissions, frequency or power, proper documentation should be in your files.  If you do not have the proper documentation, request an estimate»
Based in the Buffalo, NY suburb of Williamsville, our primary focus is servicing broadcast RF systems and transmitters.  Check our services pages for additional information.  

We can save you time and money with regularly scheduled maintenance visits.  More information about RF system and transmitter preventive maintenance can be found on our Scheduled Maintenance,  and Tech Notes & Tips pages.     

Let us show you how we can improve performance of your older DTV transmitter.  Improved performance can lead to lower operating costs and/or improved coverage.

Do you have a dead spot within your coverage area?  If you would like to improve over the air reception within your coverage area or DMA, a Single Frequency Network (SFN) may be the answer.  Let us show how we can assist with the planning and implementation of an SFN to improve your reach. 
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Let us assist with your next transmitter upgrade project.  Be it an upgrade to your existing transmitter, RF system, antenna, or a complete replacement project, we have the experience to help you avoid potential pitfalls.  Let us get involved at the beginnig of the project to save you time and money.  We can also assist with project management.

We are positioned to assist with your system modifications for the upcoming repack.  Look at our information on periodic RF system sweeps for a discussion about why you should have your RF system swept now.  Not only a good loss prevention plan, but also a good start toward knowing which channels will work on your transmission line.        
Periodic RF System Sweeps
When is the last time your RF system was swept?  Do you have accurate reference data on site?  We recommend periodic testing of the RF system to reduce the potential for major burnouts.  When the system should be swept, how often and the measurements to be made will vary depending on  . . . more»
Ion Pump Connection
See our Tech Notes & Tips for some new articles on transmitter maintenance.  I got tired of cutting SHV connectors off IOTs, so I installed a 5 kV chassis mount connector in an Axcera transmitter.  Details are here».  More to come, so check back often.
Additional Maintenance of IOTs in Tech Notes & Tips - Reduce Potential for Gun Arcs