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ION Pump Supply Upgrade for Axcera Transmitters
The information below discusses work performed on a high voltage circuit, and is intended for qualified engineers.  Primary power should be removed from the ion pump supply circuit prior to servicing.  As a safety precaution, one should not work around high voltage circuits alone or when tired.

If you own or are servicing an Axcera IOT transmitter with e2v plug-in IOTs (IOTD3100W, IOTD3130W, ESCIOT5130W), you may not be fond of needing to remove the handy SHV connector from the e2v ion lead to make connections to the transmitter ion pump supply.  I've found the ion pump supply is easily modified to accept the SHV connector.  Materials are minimal and the hole already provided is the proper size for installation of a bulkhead connector.  I carry the Kings 1704-1 5kV SHV bulkhead connectors with me (available from Newark), and install them whenever I need to put a new tube in an Axcera transmitter. 

Below is a look an Axcera ion pump before and after modification.  I used a short piece of the wires from the old IOT ion pump cable, and simply used a crimp lug to connect the ground around the bulkhead, and soldered the hot lead to the connector.  I didn't need to enlarge the existing hole. 

Final note - The handwritten notes in the supply were made by the station staff when they had to remove the trolley to work on a flow meter problem.

           Inside view before modification                         Inside view after modification                          Outside view after modification
As Built by Axcera Inside View after Modification Outside View after Modification