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IOT Coolant System Cleanser Update
Cleansing a cooling system is not to be confused with flushing the system.  Cooling system flushes are preventive maintenance performed on a regular basis to prevent coolant breakdown and subsequent IOT damage.  Coolant system cleansing is corrective maintenance performed when the system has been modified or when the coolant has degraded to the point that the system has been contaminated.  As considerable damage can occur to the IOT, their cooling systems should ONLY be cleansed by experienced personnel.  If you aren't familiar with coolant system cleansing, please get assistance; IOTs are very expensive.

® is no longer recommended for cleaning IOT cooling systems.  In order to offer a more environmentally friendly product, the makers of Cascade® removed the phosphates from their formula.  While this may help the environment, it does little for cleaning an IOT transmitter's cooling system.  The two options of which we are aware are listed below.  Beware: Regardless of the cleanser, considerable flushing is required to completely remove its residue from the system before bringing the IOT(s) back online.

The folks at E2V recommend both the X300 and the X800, the X800 cleans faster. This is to replace Cascade
®, as their new formula no longer contains phosphates.  E2V supplied the contact information below:

Andrew Lapinsky
Sentinel US
c 603 341-4783

We found a link to the X800 product 

We have used TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) for many years.  There are some substitutes on the market that are labeled TSP in large lettering with a much smaller font that indicates they are a substiture.  Be careful to only use real Trisodium Phosphate.