Ed Murlatt & Associates, Inc.
RF Services for the Broadcast Industry
Equipment List
We service the entire TV transmission system.  We have the equipment and expertise to thoroughly evaluate the transmitter's performance, as well as the passive RF system's.  When we drive to your site, we have all the equipment listed below (and more) with us.  We also carry some spare parts, slugs, and fine matchers.  Obviously, we can't carry all this with us when we fly, so only the equipment required to address the needs you identify will accompany us and/or be shipped to the site.  
Test & Measurement Equipment:
Test Transitions:
Avateq AVQ1020 RF Layer Monitoring Receiver
Copper Mountain Technologies S5048 Vector Netwrk Analyzer
Rohde & Schwarz ZVL-6 Vector Network Analyzer with Spectrum Analysis and Power Meter Functions
Rohde & Schwarz EFA53 Test Receiver with ATSC/8VSB Measurement Functions
Rohde & Schwarz FSH3-TV Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator, ATSC/8VSB Measurement and Power Meter Functions
Spellman 0 - 80 kV Hi-Potter
DC Supply and Ion Pump for IOT Grid Out-gassing
Dual Trace 200 MHz Oscilloscope
Stanford Research Systems Rubidium Frequency Standard
Sencore DTU234 with RF Expert and Stream Expert Software
0-20 Watt Mini-Circuits Power Amplifier and External Directional Coupler for Testing Passive RF System in High RF Environments
A Variety of Filters Used When Measuring Out of Band Emissions, Intermodulation Byproducts, Harmonic Emissions, Etc
DVMs, Refractometer, Infrared Thermometer, Calipers, Digital Inspection Camera, and Other Equipment To Numerous to list
7/16 DIN (M or F) to type "N"
7/8" EIA to Type "N"
1-5/8" EIA or Flangeless to Type "N"
3-1/8" EIA or Flangeless to Type "N"
4-1/16" EIA to Type "N"
6-1/8" EIA 50 or 75 Ohm  to Type "N"
7-3/16 EIA 75 Ohm to Type "N"
8-3/16" EIA 75 Ohm to Type "N"