Ed Murlatt & Associates, Inc.
RF Services for the Broadcast Industry
Scheduled Maintenance
Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance visits are recommended.  Preventive maintenance improves your transmission system's reliability and reduces operating costs.  Keeping your transmitter in peak condition improves efficiency, reduces off air time, and prolongs component life.  Since we verify total transmitter performance including power meter calibrations, frequency, and ATSC compliance, our reports can be handy during mock FCC inspections.  Also, our detailed reports provide reference data during future repairs.  If you don't have a valid Proof of Performance, we can provide one.  Annual RF system sweeps greatly reduce the possibility of catastrophic burnouts.  We are also happy to share tips with station personnel while we are on site.  See the lists below and contact us for more information. 

Scheduled DTV Transmitter Maintenance Includes:
Verify Calibration of Critical Amplifier Metering
Check IOT Tuning & Harmonics at Amplifier Output & Correct as Needed
Check High Failure Circuits for Proper Performance (Varies with transmitter type)
Check Cooling System Operation & Fluid Condition
Verify & Document Power Meter Calibration
Verify & Document Frequency
Check ATSC Performance
Make Recommendations to Improve Performance and/or Reliability
Other Corrective Tasks as Needed
On-site Training of Station Personnel During Scheduled Visits
Provide a Full Report Detailing Work Performed, Recommendations, Transmitter Operating Paramenters, ATSC Performance Data, and more
Scheduled RF Systems Maintenance (FM & TV) Includes:
Record Total System Data on Initial Visit and Provide Reference Data Report
Periodic Broadband Testing of Transmission Line to Antenna as Appropriate for Line Type, Age and Environmental Conditions
In-band Testing and Optimization as Appropriate
Filter and Other System Component Testing/Tuning/Optimization as Appropriate
Full Report Detailing Before and After Conditions, Repairs, Conclusions, and Any Recommendations
Create Flange Summing Maps for TV Stations.