Ed Murlatt & Associates, Inc.
RF Services for the Broadcast Industry
TV Services
We service the entire TV transmission system.  We have the equipment and expertise to thoroughly evaluate the transmitter and passive RF system.  

Our TV Station Services Include:
Scheduled Preventive Maintenance for Transmitter & RF Systems
Transmitter & Inside RF System Installation
Transmitter Checkout/Tune Up/Optimization
RF System Checkout/Optimizaton
Filter Checkout/Tune/Match
Station Combiner Checkout/Tune/Match
Emergency Transmitter or RF System Service
(as soon as possible based on availability)
Transmitter & RF System Layout/Planning
Distributed Transmission Systems Planning and Implementation
(Includes both single frequency networks and translators)
On Site Training
Propagation Studies
IOT Tuning Across 20 MHz
IOT Circuit Assembly
Constant Impedance Filter Being Tuned.